About the archipelago

The Azores Archipelago is located between Europe and America, in the North Atlantic Ocean, in a band limited by the parallels 36º 55′ 43” and 39º 43′ 02”N and the meridians 24º 46′ 15” and 31º 16′ 02”W.

Due to their geographical location, these islands have a great deal of isolation, referred to as “insularity”. The closest island to the European Continent is Santa Maria and is about 760 MN (1,430 km) away; the closest island to the American Continent is Corvo and is about 2,110 MN (3,900 km) away. The maximum distance between the islands exceeds 340 MN (630 km), the distance that separates Corvo from Santa Maria. With an area of 600Km2 its highest point, the imposing Pico mountain, rises to 2,351 meters above sea level.

Although similar in many geographical aspects, the islands have their own imprint when it comes to the framework of life: each one of them has its own specificities, both in the diversity of the landscape, culture, and traditions.

The archipelago is made up of nine islands grouped into three groups: the Eastern Group, made up of the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria; the Central Group, made up of the islands of Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Terceira, and Graciosa; and finally, the Western Group, made up of the islands of Flores and Corvo. The population of the archipelago is approximately 240,000 inhabitants.

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