Guided tour to the natural reserve of Ilhéu da Praia with landing

Difficulty: Média 2 Miles 2 4+ People

The tour is subject to weather conditions.


Enjoy a wonderful boat ride to the Ilhéu da Praia nature reserve accompanied by guides who will take you to explore the natural beauty of this reserve.

The Praia islet is undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest treasures. Home to an enormous diversity of nesting birds, including an endemic species, the Monteiro’s Storm petrel (Oceanodroma monteiroi), which only nests here, it is an important nesting habitat for seabirds and also serves as a resting/passing area for migratory birds. In it you can find especially the Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis), the Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii), the Common Tern (Sterna hirundo), the Common Buzzard (Puffinus baroli baroli) and the Woodpecker (Oceanodroma castro).

Items to take

  • Comfortable clothes